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The libraries within Region Stockholm are available for:

  • Employees of Danderyd hospital, Södersjukhuset and Karolinska university hospital
  • Employees at care units in Stockholm that have a contract for library services
  • Students in clinical education (VFU) at the hospitals within Region Stockholm
  • Patients and relatives of registered patients at the hospitals within Region Stockholm

Create a library account online or when you next visit the library.

As an employee within the health and medical care in Region Stockholm, you can have books sent to your workplace using SLSO’s internal mail. The prerequisite is that your workplace has internal mail. Contact one of the libraries to activate the service.

Special rules apply to students. Students in clinical education (VFU) at the hospitals within Region Stockholm can reserve books. Other students may borrow on-site from the library but do not have the opportunity to reserve books.

  • To borrow, you need to be able to identify yourself.
  • The loan period is 3 weeks. If someone else requests the book the loan period is 2 weeks.
  • It’s your responsibility to keep track of due dates.
  • You will be liable for compensation if what you borrowed is damaged or lost.
  • In the library catalog, you can extend your loans by logging in with your social security number (YYMMDDXXXX) and pin code.
  • You can extend your loans up to 10 times as long no one else requests the book.
  • You are personally responsible for ensuring that your contact details are updated, either by making changes on My pages in the library catalog or by notifying the library.
  • Children under 18 may borrow with a guardian’s approval. Guardians are responsible for their children’s loans.
  • You will receive a reminder in your e-mail three days before the due date. If the material has not been returned, three reminders are sent and then an invoice based on the purchase price and an administrative fee of SEK 200.

Returns can be made at all hospital libraries. There are return boxes available outside all library entrances. ATTENTION! Books from Karolinska Institutet’s library and Stockholm stadsbibliotek cannot be left at libraries within Region Stockholm and vice versa.