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AKTNR 407-3310


Finding search terms to use

MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) is the thesaurus used by PubMed. It also works well enough in other medical databases as well, even though most databases have their own thesaurus.

How to combine your search terms

Sometimes the correct search term is not enough, you might need to combined them, AND, OR, NOT works in most databases. Read more about Search Techniques.

How can I get hold of the full text article?

Click on the blue "Läs hela" button, which you can find in all the libraries databases. The journal/article will appear if the libraries have online access, if that is not the case you can order the article from the libraries. For more information read Access a full text article.

Access full text articles/journals at your home

To access the libraries online journals outside the Stockholm County Council IP-area, you need a proxy-account.

Search in PubMed

PubMed is the largest medical database. Most of the content is medical, but nursing and psychiatry are also included.

Search in other databases

The libraries have a vast amount of databases that can be of use, depending on your search query. In the database list you can sort the databases according to subject.

Some of our most used databases are:
Cinahl contains references about nursing and rehabilitation
PsycInfo contains references within the area of psychology, psychiatric and speech pathology
Amed contains references about alternative medicine, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
If you are looking for a quick way to find evidence, DynaMed is a good place to start.

Monitor new articles

You can get email every time there is a new paper in your subject area, all you have to do is save a search in a database. If you want to monitor a specific journal you can use Browzine. Read more about how to keep up to date with new articles.

Send a Search Request

Fill in the Search Request form. A librarian will complete the search for you and contact you with an answer as quickly as possible, depending on the information provided by you.