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Read and monitor journals with BrowZine

AKTNR 310-3305

BrowZine is a service that helps you monitor, read and discover scientific journals in your field of expertise. All our subscribed journals for Stockholm County Council (Region Stockholm) are available online.

Reading our journals on a computer
  1. Open BrowZine  (If you computer is outside of the Region Stockholm network: Select Library> Region Stockholm and login using your proxy.)
  2. Browse to your subject area and add interesting journals to My Bookshelf and save articles to My Articles.
  3. You can also search for a journal in BrowZine Web here (if the journal is not in BrowZine you're redirected to our full A-Z Journal list):

  1. You can also use the search box on the start page (select the tab "Journals"). 


Reading our journals on a tablet or smartphone
  1. Download the BrowZine app
  2. Select Library> Region Stockholm
  3. Log in with your proxy credentials. Apply for credentials
  4. Browse to your subject area, read and add interesting journals to My Bookshelf and save articles to My Articles on your tablet or phone.



Who can get BrowZine?

Employees at Danderyds sjukhus, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Södersjukhuset and units with contract for library services. Use of BrowZine requires proxy

What magazines do I read in BrowZine?

Most journals that the libraries in Region Stockholm subscribed to online (see our list of journals) you will also find in BrowZine. In BrowZine you can also find open access journals. BrowZine contains articles from 2005 onwards. If you are looking for older articles you sometimes have access to them through our list of journals).

Can I save articles to reference management software like EndNote?

Yes, you can save articles to EndNote/Zotero/Mendeley and the like.

What is BrowZine Account?

Journals you monitor and articles you save are synced between devices with your BrowZine Account. If you do not already have a BrowZine Account, you can create one when you click on My Bookshelf or My Articles in BrowZine.
Use of BrowZine thus requires:

  1. Login with BrowZine Account to sync your bookshelf
  2. Login using SLL-proxy to access full text articles.

Credentials are saved in the app/browser, so you only need to log in once.

What is My Bookshelf?

My Bookshelf is your personal bookshelf where you add the journals you want to monitor. 
Read more in My BookShelf and BrowZine Account FAQs

What is My Articles?

Use My Bookshelf to save articles in different collections.

I have Karolinska Institute proxy, can I use BrowZine with both Karolinska Institute and Region Stockholm journals?

Yes. Under Settings> Change Library, you can switch between Karolinska Institutet and Region Stockholm. To download the articles you need to log in with your Karolinska Institute proxy credentials and our proxy credentials. My Bookshelf shows journals you have added from both libraries. Journals belonging to the library you are not logged into at the moment are grayed out.